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Charting Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5
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Support Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0
Overall Rating: Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4

ZoneOptions is considered a relatively newbie in Binary Options industry when they first arrived in the scene in 2011. Like 24Option, they use the TechFinancials trading platform, which’s not the most used platform but a very good one. Even they are new to the industry, their website looks solid and mature in comparison to its peers. ZoneOptions’ payouts are decent enough at the rate of 85%, which’s considered quite good and is in lined with other brokers who also use the TechFinancials platform. The minimum deposit is $250, which’s normal when most brokers have their minimum deposit range from $100 to $500. ZoneOptions is incorporated in Cyprus, like many other brokers, and their headquarter are also incorporated there. So, there’s probably some oversight from Cyprus government but there’s basically little to no regulation at all. Apart from normal binary options, you could also trade the Boundary Options (or Range Options) and the 60 seconds options with ZoneOptions.

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ZoneOptions Review: Assets

As far as we could count, there’s 55 assets in their trading platform, well, it’s not the highest number of assets a broker could offer. Actually, it’s quite small number of assets compared to majority of other brokers. We’ve come to note that brokers who use TechFinancials platform usually offer around 50 to 70 assets, so probably it’s more down to the platform handler rather than the brokers themselves. They said they’ll add more assets in the near future and that question remained to be seen. For those of you who like to play around with commodities, ZoneOptions might not be the best broker, they don’t have large number of commodities assets. However, one good thing is that they cover almost all regional assets, from US to Asian. Forex major pairs are well present as well.

ZoneOptions Reliability

Because of TechFinancials trading platform, a tested and tried platform for years, therefore its creditability is extremely high. It’s a favorite platform among traders, that shows how strong it is. There’s slight delay between the entry and confirmation time, but that’s totally normal since the data takes time to sent and usually it’s matters of a fraction of second between the entry and confirmation trade. For the reason that Binary Options is exclusively web-based platform, it does take a lot of resource, therefore, it’s highly recommended to use a browser strictly for trading only or else you might expect browser crash at some times, thus the pain of missing opportunities.

ZoneOptions Charting

zoneoptions review

Charting is very decent because the charting of TechFinancials are using by many brokers without a single problems so far. ZoneOptions provide chart history for customers, that’s very good things since most brokers don’t provide such feature. Just by click on the left arrow on top right corner of the chart, more charting history will present. It’s a basic feature but help a lot for us to determine more pricing area for our preferred trading technique. However, like other brokers, charting on Binary Options platform is very basic, it’s advisable to use a stand-alone charting platform like Metatrader 4 or just by going to Pro traders would never based their trading decision purely based on the simple chart provided by Binary Options broker.

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With TechFinancials platform, you have the ability to filter trading assets. Trading a few selected, well-known assets are the proven way to beat the market. Basically because it’s because the more we focus on an asset, the more we’ll understand its behavior and capitalize on its movements. There’s also news from Yahoo on most of the assets on the platform, that way, you’ll be inform when there’re news or any expected mover. You could be informed without having to leave the platform or open another news service. It could be extremely helpful if you are a news trader. ZoneOptions does provide demo account but with one condition, you have to open and deposit first. This’s basically defeat the sole purpose of a demo account but surely it’s better than none.

ZoneOptions Complaints

Due to the newbie nature of ZoneOptions, there’s yet to be a single complaints out there, probably they don’t have a huge customer base. If you are using ZoneOptions and having complaints or concerns about ZoneOptions, please comment below or contact us.

ZoneOptions Withdrawal

Withdrawal with ZoneOptions seem to be easy and users having multiple choices for withdrawal process. We haven’t done any withdrawal with ZoneOptions but from our researches, there hasn’t been any problem regarding to withdrawal with ZoneOptions.

ZoneOptions Review: Support

zoneoptions support

ZoneOptions is decent. Live chat, phone and email support are all available. Live chat could be a little slow to respond but they do try their best to give out the best answer to customers. We are seeing free eBooks that is downloadable at their library. A video series is lacking but there’s quite a few brokers offer this.

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David Wilson
Customer Reviews
Posted by Jenna Ackles Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4
April 10, 2015 at 12:06 pm

Zone options trading platform is very well designed since I find absolutely everything on it so handy that you may never doubt yourself as a new trader. You can easily detect the summary of every position you made, and there are also time variation for your trades so you may choose the timing or the expiration of your trade.

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