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SpotOption officially regulated by CySEC

SpotOption CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) has announced recently that they’ll start to regulate binary options industry regionally. SpotOption is the first binary options company to act on that news and has officially get CySec license. It’s great news for Binary Options industry because SpotOption is a software provider that provide trading platform for a lot of market leaders’ binary options brokers. When SpotOption gets regulated by CySEC, their while labels will immediately become regulated too. Therefore, it’s much better that Binary Options brokers are now under certain regulation bodies that could act lawfully to protect client.

In their announcement, SpotOption announced that they have now officially become the only market maker who’s regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or better known in a shorter name as CySEC.

SpotOption Regulation

SpotOption states that they are very proud to act in their new role as a CySEC regulated Market Makers. It basically means that SpotOption has increase their status in financial markets. They are now not only acting as a software, data feeds and service provider but they could be considered as investment services a financial institution. SpotOption, as a result of the license, will also cover their while labels by their regulated umbrella. Their while labels and its clients could be now working in a lawfully and safe environment which’s fully in compliance with CySEC rules and regulations.

SpotOption declares that they feel there is a huge need for proper regulation in Binary Options industry. This will help to protect its clients from bad business practices. They also feel that there should be more urgent needs for regulated Forex bodies to be connected to a regulated binary options market maker. In a financial booming world today, more and more binary options brokers and operators are opening and operating every day, attracting thousands of inspiring traders, investors and market executors, the demand for a regulated field is getting bigger and bigger.

New CyCES License

With the new CyCES license, SpotOption will now be considered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) specialized in financial service. It basically means that it will enroll its other companies (while labels) under their CyCES license. It’s a great news indeed.

SoptOption founder – Mr. Pini Peter is very happy with that announcement, he said “This is a major breakthrough in the industry,”. Pini Peter continues: “We’ve worked long and hard to help get binary options the regulations it deserves. We’re proud of SpotOption’s expansion from software providers to a market making investment firm. Our clients deserve to work lawfully, legitimately, and safely. I saw it as our obligation to make that happen for them.”

Here’s a list of recommended Binary Options Brokers that are with SpotOption platform:


TradeRush use SpotOption platform. There’s more than 85 underlying assets in SpotOption platform for traders to choose from. TradeRush has a decent payout which’s up to 85%. TradeRush is famous for its 60 seconds binary options. They are one of the first Binary Options broker to offer 60 seconds options. Their minimum deposit is $200, which’s a fair starting amount. Most binary options brokers require minimum deposit range from $100 to $500. For more inept information about traderush, read traderush reviews.


iOption starts offering Binary Options in early 2010. iOption has been getting more and more popular in recent years thanks to their solid trading platform: SpotOption. SpotOption is regulated trading platform by CySEC. Therefore, traders and investors could feel 100% safe with the platform performance or their funding security. iOption payout is quite decent, they offer up to 85% payout on regular options. We could count more than 100 underlying asset in their trading platform as well. Therefore, that’s quite a complete list of trading asset available to date and traders have abundant of assets to choose from. iOption also offer out-the-money trades or losing trades up to 15%. A slight drawback for those who want to use iOption is that iOption doesn’t accept USA traders because of all the regulation there. iOption has their headquarter located in Cyprus and have offices in many cities all over the world. For more information about iOption, check out iOption Reviews for more inept reviews and information about iOption.